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The Bay-Manor Gallery

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Dogs Bred and/or Owned by Us:

(D indicates dog is deceased)

Our Lovely Ladies

(photos not available for all)

Ch. Bay-Manor's First Lady    D


Ch. Bay-Manor's Lady Ashley  D


Bay-Manor's Majorette   D


Ch. Bay-Manor's Lady Chelsea


Bay-Manor's Lady Rachel


Bay-Manor's Spinnaker's Debut


Feenreichs Bay-Manor Amanda


Ch. Bay-Manor's Raspberry Beret


Bay-Manor's Lady Clarice


Bay-Manor's The Talk Of Wildair


Ch. Bay-Manor's Becky Thatcher


Bay-Manor's Bailey 
Ch. Bay-Manor's Rhapsody O'Wildair, CD,TDI,CGC



The Gallant Gentlemen  

 (photos not available for all)

(* indicates currently at stud, + indicates frozen semen possibly available)


Ch. Bay-Manor's Baskerville D


   Ch. Bay-Manor's Colonel Bradley *
Ch. Bay-Manor's Sir Winston *


   Ch. Bay-Manor's Feenreich's Hobbit D
Ch. Sleepy Hollows Bit O' JJ  D


   Ch. Nancy Evans' JJ of Cherry Hills D
Ch.Bay-Manor's Sir Socrates


   Ch. Bay-Manor's Major Motion + D
Bay-Manor's Mr. Belvidere*


   Ch. Bay-Manor's Encore of JJ    D
Ch. Bay-Manor's Renegade + D


  Ch. Bay-Manor's Janna's Boy Floyd * 
Ch. Bay Manor's Spinnaker's Buoy


   Ch. Bay-Manor's Shades of JB
Ch. Bay-Manor's Fireside Gambler


   Ch. Stoddard Bassin of Bay-Manor *



A Pictorial Family Tree

(Descendants of Ch. Bay-Manor's First Lady _"Sammie Jo" by Ch. Beaujangles JP Beaureguarde)



  "Sammie Jo"  sammiethumb.gif (11937 bytes)


                "Renegade"   renegthumb.gif (13323 bytes) ----------- puffthumb.gif (13306 bytes) ""Puff"         

   /                                        /         |

|                                          2jsthumb.gif (13630 bytes)"2 J's"     |


                        |                    chelseathumb.gif (13039 bytes)"Chelsea"           


wranglerthumb.gif (13070 bytes) "Wrangler"(out of "Bradley")---boythumb.gif (12791 bytes)""Boy"

                           stoddardthumb.gif (11720 bytes) "Stoddard"  (out of "Raspberry")               |


                 gossipshow.jpg (82662 bytes)""Gosssip"  (out of   "Clarice"                                          |


"Spice"spicethumb.gif (15205 bytes)<--jbthumb.gif (15140 bytes)"JB"--X--ashleythumb.gif (13903 bytes)"Ashley"

             socksthumb.gif (15206 bytes) "Socrates"                                 |


                          |                                   |                            |               |

|bradthumb.gif (12615 bytes)---"Boo"--stacythumb.gif (13612 bytes)---"Raspberry"--baileythumb.gif (13364 bytes)

                     "Bradley"                           "Stacy"                                        "Bailey"                        


          winstonthumb.gif (14798 bytes)"Winston" ---"obiethumb.gif (12279 bytes)"Obie

 (Descendants of Ch. Nancy Evans' JJ of Cherry Hills--"JJ" out of Beaujangles Sasparilla)  

    jjthumb.gif (14238 bytes)



Nancy Evans' Merry Go Round


Nancy Evans' Just Alice x Ch. Beaujangles Ten


baskerthumb.gif (12959 bytes)""Baskerville"




Beaujangles Sasparilla


          Nancy Evans TG of Cherry Hills  X  Stonewall Abbey of Bay-Manor


jbthumb.gif (15140 bytes)"JB"



Dogs from Bay-Manor Studs

Ch. Fascinations Spice is Nice