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Ch. Bay-Manor's Baskerville

Baskerville.gif (57753 bytes)


Ch. Beaujangles Ten ROM x Nancy Evans' Just Alice

June 23, 1984 - 1998

Co-holder of Arizona Dog Hero of the Year 1992

Ch. Beaujangles Ten ROM Ch. Beaujangles Mean Mr. Mustard  

Ch. Blue Billy Bojangles ROM


Lindsays Supersport
Lindsays Classy Cassy

Ch. Beaujangles Edith Egghead


Ch. Mel-Ann Acres Big Mac
Eleanor's Buttercup
Belyn's Jezabel of Beaujangles ROM  

Ch. Blue Billy Bojangles ROM


Lindsay's Supersport
Lindsay's Classy Cassy

Belyn's Windflower


Ch. Kinslows Stan Stanton
Sitzmark's Rumplepunsel
Nancy Evans' Just Alice jjthumb.gif (14395 bytes) Ch. Nancy Evans JJ of Cherry Hills




Ch. Laz-Dee J's Johnny Be Good


Laz-Dee J's El Diablo   
Ch. Nancy Evans Go Go

Nancy Evans' Merry Go Round


Earl of Brittany
Lady Chatterly XIII
Nancy Evans Merry Go Round


Earl of Brittany


Ch. Standpine's Johnny Concho
Magnolia of Yarrow

Lady Chatterly XIII


Laz-Dee J's El Diablo
Laz-Dee J's Katie Elder