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Ch. Bay-Manor Janna's Boy Floyd

Boy.gif (51413 bytes)


Ch. Feenreich's Doktor Quincy, CD x Ch. Bay-Manor's Lady Chelsea


Whelped Sept 21, 1990

Breeder: Evaline S. Dow

Am/Can Ch. Feenreich's Doktor Qunicy, CD


Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Eager Beaver  

Ch. Tal-E-Hos Top Banana, ROM


Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Prancer ROM
Tal-E-Ho's Dorina

Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Scamp ROM


Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Prancer ROM
Tal-E-Ho's Buttered Popcorn
Musicland's Sufari Rose  

Ch. Musicland's Billy Bayou


Ch. Blue Billy Bojangles, ROM
Ch. Musiclands Honey

Anron's Flash of Lightning


Ch. Rosebud's Dempsy Charlie
Anrons Hi-Vu Peppermint Patty

chelseathumb.gif (12652 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's Lady Chelsea


2jsthumb.gif (13584 bytes)Ch. Sleepy Hollow's Bit O' JJ


puffthumb.gif (12623 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's Major Motion




Ch. Beaujangles JP Beaureguarde, ROM



sammiethumb.gif (12168 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's First Lady

Scott's Big Molly of A.J.


Nancy Evans T.G. of Cherry Hills
Mike & Judi's Maggie Mae
Stonewall Abbey of Bay-Manor  

Ch. Top-O-Line Stonewall Jackson


Ch. Beaujangles Ten ROM
Top-O-Line Lilly O' Beaujangles

Ch. Stonewall Fantasy ROM


Ch. Stonewall Rock of Ages
Ch. Stonewall Divine Miss M, ROM