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    More Basset Beginings

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    All photos taken from

   Les Races de Chiens,

       Leurs Points, Description, Types, Qualites, Aptitudes et Defauts


     Le Comte Henri de Bylandt

    Volume I: Chiens de Chasse

       Deventer (Hollande)-A.E. Kluwer, Pub.


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      Basset d'Artois


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           Owned by Mrs. M. Tottie, Bell Busk


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         Pack of Basset Hounds

            Owned by His Grace, the Duke of Plaisance, Paris

(Reproduced from Le Chenil)

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Ch. Bourbon

Owned by F.W. Blain, Bromborough


chCaressantdePreaux.gif (22611 bytes)

Ch. Caressant de Preaux

Owned by Mr. L. Verrier, Preaux, France



chlouislebeau.gif (12521 bytes)

Ch. Louis Le Beau

Owned by Mr. M Tottie, Bell Busk

(from Our Dogs)


                     chMerveilleII_Caressant_Seduissante_Brind'Or_Ravaude_Fanfare_Clarion_Mousquetaire.gif (83802 bytes)

            Ch.  Merveille II, Caressant, Seduissante, Brin d'Or, Ravaude, Fanfare,                           Clairon and Mousquetaire         

                  Owned by Mr. L. Verrier, Preaux, France


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                Colonel, Mascotte and Gibelotte

        Owned by A. Lane, Franqueville


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"         Fino



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     Owned by Mrs. M. Tottie, Bell Busk


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   Jenny, General and Krecl

    Owned by Mr. G. Boerlage, Velsen, Holland


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      Owned by J. Stark, Alderley Edge


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Owned by Heer F. Pinel, Dieppe

(from L'Eleveur)


Solomon_Gravity.gif (7106 bytes)

Solomon and Gravity

Owned by M. Tottie, Bell Busk

        mousquetaire.gif (66490 bytes)


      Owned by Mr. L. Verrier, Preaux

      (Reproduced from L'Acclimation)


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         Meteore and Galathee

         Owned by F. Pinel, Dieppe

            (Reproduced from L'Acclimation)


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