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Ch. Bay-Manor's Major Motion

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Ch. Beaujangle's JP Beaureguarde, ROM x Ch. Bay-Manor's First Lady

July 13, 1983- 1998

Multiple Breed, Specialty Best in Show Winner

Breeder/Owner:   Evaline S. Dow



Ch. Bay-Manor's Renegade

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July 13, 1983-1993

Calendar Model and Co-Holder Arizona Dog Hero of the Year 1992


Ch. Beaujangles JP Beaureguarde, ROM Ch. Beaujangle's Ten ROM  

Ch. Beaujangle's Mean Mr. Mustard


Ch. Blue Billy Bojangles
Ch. Beaujangles Edith Egghead

Belyn's Jezabel of Beaujangles, ROM


Ch. Blue Billy Bojangles, ROM
Belyn's Windflower
Ch. Stephie Jane P. Beaureguarde  

Ch. Blue Billy Bojangles, ROM


Lindsays Supersport
Lindsays Classy Cassy

Ch. Jane Eyre P. Beaureguarde, ROM


Ch. Mr. Belvidere P. Beaureguarde
Ch. Musicland's Satin Doll
sammiethumb.gif (12168 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's First Lady Nancy Evans' T.G. of Cherry Hills jjthumb.gif (14395 bytes)Ch. Nancy Evans' JJ of Cherry Hills


Ch. Laz-Dee J's Johnny Be Good
Nancy Evans' Merry Go Round

Beaujangles Sasparilla


Ch. Mel-Ann Acres Big Mac
Eleanor's Buttercup
Cassy St. Helens  

Caesar's Noble Augustus


Ch. Laz-Dee J's Johnny Be Good

Lady Truc


Smilly Pete Chumbler
Miss Daisy