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Ch. Bay-Manor's Colonel Winston

Winston.gif (67312 bytes)


(Ch. Bay-Manor's Colonel Bradley x Feenreich's Bay-Manor Amanda)

whelped June 17, 1993

Breeder:Evaline S. Dow and Penny Swan

Owner: Evaline S. Dow


Ch. Bay-Manor's Feenreich's Hobbit

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(Ch. Bay-Manor's Colonel Bradley x Feenreich's Bay-Manor Amanda)

Whelped   June 17, 1993

Breeders: Evaline S. Dow & Penny Swan

Owner: Penny Swan, Feenreich's Bassets




bradthumb.gif (12499 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's Colonel Bradley

jbthumb.gif (14374 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's Encore of JJ, ROM Nancy Evan's T.G. of Cherry Hills Ch. Nancy Evans JJ of Cherry Hillsjjthumb.gif (14395 bytes)


Beaujangles Sasparilla


Stonewall Abbey of Bay-Manor Ch. Top-O-Line's Stonewall Jackson, ROM


Ch. Stonewall Fantasy, ROM


ashleythumb.gif (13362 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's Lady Ashley  


Ch. Bay-Manor's Major Motionpuffthumb.gif (12623 bytes)


Ch. Beaujangles JP Beaureguarde, ROM



sammiethumb.gif (12168 bytes)Ch. Bay-Manor's First Lady


Scott's Big Molly of AJ Nancy Evans' T.G. of Cherry Hills


Mike and Judi's Maggie Mae



Feenreich's Bay-Manor Amanda


Am/Can Ch. Feenreich's Doktor Quincy, CD, ROM Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Eager Beaver Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Top Banana, ROM


Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Scamp


Musicray's Sufari Rose Ch. Musiclands Billy Bayou


Anron's Flash of Lightning


Fogel-Rich's Prime Rate Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Max-A-Million Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Zig Zag


Tal-E-Ho's Fortune


Fogel-Rich's Great Pumpkin Ch. Tal-E-Ho's Eager Beaver


Always Abigail